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Women's Sleeveless Long Double Layer Crinkled Mesh Dress

Women's Sleeveless Long Double Layer Crinkled Mesh Dress

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 Melody - Blueblue double layer crinkled mesh dress, Slips in the picture are sold SEPARATE!! THIS IS NOT A SET!!

Sizes are available in Small, Medium, and Large in contemporary sizing. Colors are available in Ivory, Tan mocha, Charcoal, and black.

100% poly, Made in Korea

For slip, please search "shop lev slip" in search box!

Machine wash with cold water and hang dry, but hand wash is recommended!


Melody-Blueblue introduces a collection of great layering pieces; from high quality full slips to crinkled mesh dresses. All items are designed to layer with something. Dresses from this collection DOE NOT have any liner, so people can match with various kinds of slips they have. This collection encourages people to create their own fashion by layering all different pieces. If you are looking for something different and challenging in fashion, this collection is perfect for you. You can wear items from this collection as everyday outfits or special occasion depending on how to mix and match each layering pieces!

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