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Plaid long sleeve button down shirt classic fit with front tie and side slits


ü  WOMEN PLAID SHIRT-The shirts are checkered and is the ultimate top for all sorts of occasions. It can be used as a shirt or an over-shirt.

ü  BUTTON DOWN-The shirt is a button-down and has the most stylish and classic fit for ladies.

ü  FRONT TIE-The shirt can be tied in the front and made into a blouse which suits a chic and retro style.

ü  SPCIFICATIONS-The shirts have long sleeves, straight collars and sturdy cuffs that give the shirt its causal aura.

ü  BREATHABLE FABRIC-The fabric used is 80% cotton and 20% poly. Keep your self warm and soft.


The women plaid tops are made with comfort and elegance in mind. The shirts can be used at different formal and informal occasions. The shirt is made of flannel and is a button down which can be tied in the front to make a blouse or worn simply as a top-sleeve. The fabric is soft and light weight and helps to let air pass through it.

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